Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming Soon

I have finally figured out to do with this space. It's something that is going to require some work and dedication... and I think you will enjoy it. I will start it this weekend... and I hope you are pleased. Come back and come see what i am talking about.

Saturday, June 14, 2008



Friday, February 10, 2006

Lady Really Sings the Blues

I was over at Reverd's Place for a writing session. We came up with a lot of concepts and are on the way to a great song. We took a break during the course of the evening and the good ol' Rev. played me a song. Now I thought I was a Billie Holiday fan... and I was under the assumption that I knew her shit like nobody's business. Until he played me the ultimate Lady Day song which has left chills up my spine.
This song is probably the most chilling song I have ever heard. The song was written by Lewis Allan aka Abel Meeropol who was a Jewish school teacher. (Lewis also wrote “The House I Live In,” sung by Frank Sinatra). It is an illumination adaptation of lynching in America. The words are captivating. The juxtaposition of the beautiful scene and the rotting bodies couldn't be more exemplified. To me this song is complete genius. Abel Meeropol apparently wrote this poem in the 1930's after seeing a gruesome picture of a lynching.
I am saddened to say that I did not no about this song. I have several Billie compilations and this song is not on any of them. After browsing the internet and reading up on this song, I realize that not only is it rarely played now, it was rarely played back in the 1940's when Billie was singing it. When Billie recorded the song it was difficult to get radio play and to sing it in clubs and her record label wanted nothing to do with it. I have several Holiday favorites, but this one tops them all.
I am not really into all the Black History hoop-la, I believe that there are other ways and means to educate people about the impact that people of colour have contributed to society. But I believe that this song captures the essence of the time where racism, ignorance, fascism, and cowardice among other things were at the forefront.
There is a book about this which I am going to pick up and read. I think it may be as interesting as the song. Hmm... I guess in the essence of so-called Black History month... I will for this one time and I mean one time only dedicate this song to the cause. Have a listen.....

Monday, January 16, 2006

Helene FolaSade Adu

I am not one to follow up on artist or celebrities... especially if stuff is splashed all over the tabloids. But I will have to say that today is the birthday of one of my ultimate favorite artist. Helen FolaSade Adu.... I love her! She epitomizes the grace, elegance and versatility that many women in the music industry will never be able to embrace IMHO. She is cooler than cool.... and gifted with most impeccable group of musicians. (Sweetback.. check them out ) If you don't know any songs by Ms. Sade Adu... I suggest you pull your head out your @%# and nurture your ears with an eclectic blend of jazz, soul, R&B, and superb songwriting. check it out... I know she has not release anything new in awhile... but don't hesitate to indulge. Catch up and reflect.... It may be 20 years old but it is fresher than anything that is out at present.

Talking about tabloids.... I am sick of all this bantering about Angelina and Brad. I don't think she broke up Brad and Jen. That marriage was on the rocks before Angelina even came into the picture... and is seems that the relationship between Jolie and Pitt is working out for the two of them... I say kudos and happiness for everyone!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Edition with a Twist

For the past couple of weeks I have also indulged in some commercial radio play. There is a local dj who's art I have been admiring for years. I had an opportunity to be entertained and sent back to the past with some real good old school music. DJ Starting from Scratch!!! He always has a way of captivating my ears. When I get married he will be the dj spinning my night away. Hopefully he doesn't cost too much. Today.... he did a whole New Edition mix... for a good hour. I didn't realize that New Edition had that much material.. and good material at that. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricki, Mike, Ralph, and Johnny too. New Edition, BBD, Bobby "Bad Boy" Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill... those suckers had some real good tunes.

It's a shame what has happened to Bobby... he had potential. But the rest of the fellas seem to hold it together real well. I did not know that they had a reunion tour. And I also didn't know that they are still making music. I must confess that I had a crush on Ralph Tresvant during "sensitivity" that song still gives me chills.

New Edition brings me back to my first communion where we played "Cool It Now" like it was going out of style. BBD poison brings me back to my bangy wearing s-curl days and a wicked concert at Canada's Wonderland with ABC and Rico Suave himself Gerraldo. Bobby Brown would make me blush with all that gyrating and thrusting of his "hips". Johnny Gill makes me want to say "My, My, My"

This is a R&B group I believe should go down in the books. They were innovative, fresh, and always coming out with something new.

Now if you will excuse me I am off to play some of my New Edition albums... and scratch some of them up on the mixer. If Starting From Scratch can do it... so can I. Hahaha.... now that is funny... someone stop me before I hurt myself.

Monday, January 09, 2006

All ears...

Today I spent majority of the day today going from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic. I am exhausted. Something has got to give. My ears are not only blocked but they are swore. Apparently my teeth are pushing up into my eardrums causing that "high altitude" feeling. I keep popping my ears just to hear clearly. My jaw is askewed; yesterday I couldn't even close my mouth or eat!!! Well I may loose a couple of unwanted pounds this way. :P The only thing that I am really grateful for is that the swelling has went down and the problem may not be as bad as it seems. I may have to pull out my wisdom teeth, and that sounds like the worst bit of it.
Now my friend that I was in the accident with doesn't seem pleased with the idea that I may have to claim any type of injury to the insurance company. But I know if it was the other way around he would be humming a different tune.
It's funny how when any part of your body is out of commission you feel completely helpless and frustrated. A slight handicap such as a paper cut on your finger could have to whining and vulnerable.
All I can do at this present time is play the useless victim and sip juice thru straws and eat ice cream. And who said that being injured was a bad thing. Hmmm.. I guess I shouldn't make light of the situation... my ear just gave me a sharp pain.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Car Accident = Swollen TMJ????

I am the lisping lizard right now. I got into a car accident... got rear-ended (I was the passenger in the hit car). The girl driving the other vehicle said she "blacked out" and couldn't remember hitting us. UH-HMMMMM.... my friend suspects that she was on the phone but that is another story. Well at the time of impact and a little while after, I didn't feel anything. Why was it 7 hours later, I can't open my mouth fully and my jaw is swollen??? Now I expected whiplash and a bad back, but not a swollen jaw. Apparently it's my TMJ that is swollen, and my ears and teeth are suffering because of it. I went to the walk-in clinic and got a rx for some pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills. Hopefully those work, it they don't I will have to go the emerg. which I am really not looking foward to. It's a good thing that I have a doctors appointment already booked for Monday... we will see what happens.